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Wouldn’t it be great if you had ONE pickup line in your back pocket you could use anytime, anywhere?

And Thinkific wouldn’t it also be great if it wasn’t one of those cheesy, sleazy kinda pickup lines either?

Sound too good to be true? Not at all, check out our video to find out what it is.

And for those of you who’d rather read than listen, it’s your lucky day.

We’ve got a full video transcript for you below too!

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Video Transcript:

Hey Rock Star, Andres Aras with Attraction Academy here.

Today we’re going to talk about how to approach a beautiful woman and get the conversation started, or a.k.a The Perfect Line!

I’m was chatting with a brand new black belt member (our private members club) and one of the questions he asked is a question that a lot of guys have.

The question was “What do I say to a beautiful woman when I first meet her … whether it’s at a Starbucks, at a Home Depot, at the grocery store, at a bar, or wherever? What do I say?!”

So you’re asking “what is the thing that I got to do?” Well that thing is usually called a “pick up line.”

It’s going to sound a little bit odd, but here’s the way I like to teach guys how to handle this.

Our other resident dating expert Ronin and I are very good in making sure our guys know exactly what to say every single time.

There’s an an old Greek saying that goes

“… Under pressure we think we’re going to rise to the occasion when in reality we default to our training.”

It is that training that you do repeatedly, THAT is what makes you better.

You do it over and over again so that you are better, so that you are not nervous, so that it becomes muscle memory … that way you know exactly what to say and what to do EVERY single time.

That’s what we teach our guys to have one … ONE thing they can say on command that is genuine, that it’s real, and that comes from the heart.

When you see a beautiful woman and you really want to meet her, what is the ONE thing that you say to get to know her?


We teach our guys something called the Approach Formula.

In the Approach Formula we talk about the ONE line, the perfect line. And in that perfect line there are certain things that you want to have.

It has to do many things … that line has to be able to show confidence, attraction, and value. It has to lower her guard.

It has to acknowledge the situation. It has to be able to set you up for the next step. It has to do all that in a VERY short period of time.

Don’t worry, it sounds complicated but it’s really not.

What’s that magic line?

Well, if you CLICK HERE you’ll get the approach formula , you’ll be able to see it, but I’ll go over it briefly here.

Here’s the way that I’ve learned it and this is the way I teach it as well.

You say:

“Excuse me. I know this is a little bit random, but I saw you from over there and I thought you were incredibly cute. And I just had to come over and introduce myself. I’m Andres.”

It’s THAT simple.

First doing it shows you acknowledged the situation.

You comfortably came over … you didn’t stare or linger, and you didn’t wait it out and think it over.

You showed you were attracted to her, which is attractive because you feel confident in what you’re doing.

You told her that you thought she was cute.

By the way, you’ll notice it wasn’t that you approached her because she was sexy.

It wasn’t anything raunchy in any way, shape or form. She was cute , attractive, something about her interested you.

That’s it.

Or you can say “I thought you were extremely elegant”, something that compliments her and that lets her know that you are attracted to her without being needy.

The first line in the Approach Formula does all of those things and it sets you up for the next step.

The next thing is for her to talk to you. After you say your name, she’ll usually offer hers.


If you saw our other video about Assess, Don’t Impress, we cover what to do next in depth.

Next you assess her. She has to be able to tell you about her and why she’s good enough for you.

The Ideal Woman Blueprint helps with this because you need to know exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

You can get that by clicking here.

As you can tell, all these videos and everything we teach all fits together into one big cohesive formula.

We teach you in the Approach Formula how to do all these things.

I hope that you find value in this.

You dont’ have to use our exact line, but ask yourself, “What is going to be the ONE thing, the ONE line that you are going to use every time that it’s actually going to be GENUINE?”

Don’t use a pick up line or sleazy one like, “Oh, that must have hurt because you fell out of heaven” or whatever the hell that stupid line is.

Don’t use something very indirect.

I don’t like indirect game and the reason I don’t like indirect game is because it doesn’t let her know that you’re attracted to her.

If you are a REAL man, you’re just going to go up to her and say, “I like you. I’d like to get to know you.”

That’s why indirect game is not something that we teach.

So, the question is what are you going to say to an absolutely beautiful woman the next time you meet her?

And How often are you going to practice it?

How often are you going to practice being genuine so that it really comes from the heart, so that she knows that its you?

Do that Because what is does is allow you to get the nervousness out of the way for the first 20-seconds of the conversation.

Because that’s all you need is 20 seconds of not looking nervous … long enough to show her what you’re about.

If you’re being completely confident because you’ve rehearsed it over and over and over again, and since you’ve trained enough you WILL succeed.

You are ready to do it and you’ve trained to be able to get the outcome that you want.

I hope this video was of value to you.

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This is Andres Aras with Attraction Academy signing off.